DNA cracked

I came to know about molecular research institute while watching a video of meeting of your scientists with Dalai Lama. In one question a scientist was asked to him about reason for automatic rearranging of DNA after trying new pattern in it. He answered as ‘Prana’ as a reason.

It may be true but more accurate answer was already given by saint Kabir in his one of songs. It is to inform you that once a person has attained ‘nirvaana’ he just need to focus his both eyes at centre of forehead ie third wye and whatever question asked is answered by infinite cosmic consciousness!

In The Geeta, vedantic text, too this method of meditation is stated to be informed by Krishna to Arjuna.

In that song, link below, Saint Kabir is saying that the bedsheet(body) is very scarcely woven. It is made of ‘warp’ and ‘weft’ in which as per my conclusion warp is ‘spiral pair’ (Ingla in Hindi, main source located in spinal chord) and weft is ‘horizontal bars’ (Pingla in Hindi and source same but on other side) Then he informs that the design is made up of ‘sushaman thread’ (pingla in Hindi its main source too is spinal chord but at centre and in case of enlightened person this gets activated ti make him able to communicate with cosmic consciousness ie Prana) 

So all DNA Protein arrangements are connected by Prana(invisible) to make it a thread like so when you try to change pattern but unable to take out from its twisted thread like invisible Prana, so it regains it’s position again so as to remain in ‘sushaman thread’.

Sharing with you with hope that this information is not used for destruction of human being but instead scientists get attention towards more better way to research through meditation, enlightenment and Nirvaana as in that you all not only fulfill your obligation towards humanity but towards yourself too.

हिन्दी में संत कबीर का गीत:

झीनी झीनी झीनी रे बीनी चदरिया, काहे का ताना, काहे कि भरनी, कौन तार से बीनी चदरिया, इंगला पिंगला ताना भरनी, सुशमन तार से बीनी चदरिया. ठोक ठोक कर बीनी चदरिया….

Listen to the song: Jheeni Jheeni Beeni Chadariya at https://wynk.in/u/jhyXulatL on Wynk Music

Profile updated.

Every river just keeps flowing and one day it gets merged in the Ocean, from where its cycle begun by evaporation of water. Name of a river is the name of the path it traveled. Joshuto is name of the path, life lived as living human being, a person traveled to become what one is today and the journey is in progress till the beginning of the cycle is reached.

When a person begins to practice meditation in his routine family life then another river starts flowing ie spiritual or inner journey for search of self/Buddha-Christ-Krishna consciousness/Soul.

While we can see and feel journey of life, at the same time another river of consciousness/chitanya(चैतन्य) is also present in invisible form and flowing parallel to it.
For God, if there is any, or existence or cosmic law of energy or Tao maintaining the flow of consciousness is more important so that it will reach its destination ie cosmic-consciousness, its Ocean.
We plan according to our physical world needs or growth. God or law of energy controls us so that river of our consciousness reached its destination. Whenever our plan fails it is because of mismatch of our flow and God’s flow.
Success of our plan is just a coincidence.

Studying Osho since my teen age and practicing simple meditation techniques following my routine made me a very confident person today. I attain Osho and his teachings to it. My religion also helped me in a lot of way to support my search. It is my trust in my religion and my personal journey following Osho’s teachings too that I am able to understand the essence of Osho’s teachings or other mystic’s teaching through him that is worth following in today’s context.
Osholeela.in is my effort to bring in notice of the people about successful works of a “controversial mystic” called Osho. His teachings have got a taste of time now that is a must for a person to be called as mystic or not.
People from 75 countries and nearly all religions learned to live simple life, prepare own vegetarian food and ‘enjoyed’ meditation.
In Indian people used to have separate bedrooms for men and women, now every house has a bedroom with attached toilet.
Co-education was rare but then begun in nearly all schools. Inter-cast marriage and love marriage started. People started choosing their career by choice. Meditation made its reach inside nearly every educated person’s life.
All in all, according to me, he set many benchmarks for Jaim community, its worldwide recognition and highly respected among foreigners.
He gave commentary on all previous mystics, including many lesser knowns too, and gave their teachings a new lease of life by making it available to whole world in different possible languages and in all possible formats, that were beyond reach of normal person that time.
A normal person will need at least ten life to get the work he did in one!

Like everyone of us, he was a human being. To err is a human. In my effort I will try to focus on the teachings that were adopted immediately by various religions and society so as to sustain till today. In some sense he brought much needed changes into them that people/society/religion were not able to bring themselves.
Some of his teachings were very absurd like “No family life” concept and it failed miserably. It can be assumed that he deliberately exaggerated so that we may be able to settle at some lower level, still better than before according to their level of courage. In a sense it gave flexibility to everyone while saved him from a lot of questions.
It is also an effort to save people from “Blind Followers” of Osho without any experience of real meditation or existential bliss.

जोशुतो, उस अनोखे रास्ते का नाम है जो एक शरीर (स्ट्रक्चर) ने एक इंसान के रूप में जन्म लेने के बाद तय किया. उसमें मेरे सारे कर्मों और उनसे मिली सीख को जीवन में उतरने के फलस्वरूप जो मैने पाया वह यह की जीवन एक रास्ता है जो जो समष्टि अलग अलग रूपों में तय करती है | जन्म से नाम शरीर को दिया गया है लेकिन समष्टि शरीर के पहले भी थी और बाद में भी रहेगी | एक अनोखे (इनोवेटिव) रास्ते से समष्टि गुज़री जिसका नाम जोशुतो है |
जिस प्रकार सफेद बादल, हवा का ही एक घना रूप है, और कहीं भी आता-जाता है, बनता बिगड़ता रहता है, पल-पल जीता है वही जोशुतो का भी होने का ढंग है. यह उसने ओशनिक वेव होकर जाना है |

Learning from Patterns of life for self realisation.

A very useful article is here shared for greater understanding on path of self realisation. Below is a link to FaceBook post.

The nature of our patterns

By Christina reeves.

For developing awareness the meditation that helped me most is as below.Osho’s awareness meditation

Every human being is destined to go beyond these patterns but the way is through it only. Awareness meditation helps to not only understand these patterns but to go beyond them i e Tao, Jesus consciousness or Buddha consciousness or Krishna consciousness etc.

कबीर के दोहे – Couplets of Kabir -बोलचाल की हिन्दी में.

Couplets of Kabir are called as ‘Teachings of Kabir’. Kabir used routine life’s instances to teach deepest knowledge of spiritual journey. This too about 550 years before! So even people of India may not correlate with them now. So only those which could be understood by all be tried to translate in English. Any correlated teachings of Laozi (Tao), Ashtavakra (Maha Geeta) etc be cited and tried from different perspectives.

सामान्यत: कबीर के दोहे उस समय की प्रचलित भाषा में मिलते हैं. जिनका अर्थ जानना कई हिन्दीभाषी लोगों के लिए भी कठीन हो जाता है. इसके कारण कबीर के अमुल्य ‘सीखें’ -जो साखी के नाम से जानी जाती हैं- कई लोगों तक नहीं पहूँच सकी. एक प्रयास है कि विदेशी भी उन दोहों के पीछे छुपे अर्थ जानकर अपने व्यक्तित्व में ढाल सकें।

कबीर के ये दोहे इंटरनेट पर उपलब्ध कई pdf में से लिए गये है,

1. कथा कीर्तन कुल विषय, जो छोड़े वह पाय।

कहत कबीरा इस जगत में, नाहीं और उपाय।।

2. जहाँ ग्राहक तहां हूँ नहीं, जहाँ हूँ तहां ग्राहक नहीं।

मूरख यह भरमत फिरै, पकड़ शब्द कि छांह।।

3. कहता तो बहुत मिलै, गहता मिले ना कोय।

जो कहता वह जान ले, वो नहीं गहता होय।।

4. तब लग तारा जगमगै, जब लग उगै ना सूर।

तब लग जीव जग कर्मवश, जब लग ज्ञान ना पूर।।

5. सोना पानी साधूजन, टूट जुड़े सौ बार।

अज्ञानी कुम्भ कुम्हार के, एक ही धक्के में दरार।

6. सब आए इस एक में, डाल पात फल फूल। कबीरा पीछे क्या रहा ? गह पकड़ी जब मूल॥

7. जो जन भीजे नाम रस, विगत कबहूँ ना रूख। अनुभव आव दीसते, ना सुख ना दु:ख॥

8. सुरती को समझा करो, ज्यों गागर पनिहार। हौले हौले सुरत होय, कहे कबीर विचार॥

9. गारी ही सों उपजे, कलह कष्ट और खींच। हारी चले सो साधू है, लागी चले सो नीच॥

10. आवत गारी एक है, उलटन होय अनेक। कह कबीर नहीं उलटीए, वही एक की एक॥

11. जो नहीं जाने जीव आपना, करहीं जीव बार बार। जीवा एसा जानना, जन्मे दूजी बार॥

12. कहूँ तो है नहीं, दूजा कहूँ तो गार। है जैसा तैसा हो रहे, कहे कबीर विचार॥

13. जो तू चाहे मुक्ति को, छोड़ दे सब आस। मुक्त ही जैसा हो रहे, सब कुछ तेरे पास॥

14. आए हैं सो जाएंगे, राजा रंक फकीर। एक सिंहासन चढ़ी चले, एक बंधे जंजीर॥

15. आया था किस काम को, तू सोया चादर तान। सुरत संभाल रे गाफिल, अपनाआप पहचान॥

16. कबीर संगत साधू की, ‘जौकी भूसी खाय। खीर खांड भोजन मिले, साकट संग जाय॥

17. एक से अनन्त होय है, अनंत से एक ना होय। कबीर एक जो जान लिया, अनंत जाने सोय॥

18. कबीर गर्व ना किजीए, उँचा देखी आवास। काल पड़ो भुमी लेटना, उपर जमसी घॉँस॥

19. आज काल के पांच दिन, जंगल होगा वास। उपर उपर लोग फिरे, ढोर चरेंगे घास॥

20. क्या है भरोसा देह का, नष्ट हो जात क्षण मांही। सॉंस सॉंस सुमिरन करो, और जतन कुछ नाहीं॥

21. हाड़ जले लकड़ी जले, जले जलावनहार। हौले हौले तर गये, लिया जिन सर भार॥

22. यह तन काचा कुंभ है, लिया फिरता था साथ। धबका लागा फूट गया, कुछ आया हाथ॥

23. कबीर धूली सकेली के, पूड़ी जो बांधी येह। चार दिवस का पैखना, अंत खेह की खेह॥

24. कबीर सपने रैन के, उघड़ी आए नैन। जीभर बहु लूटी मैं, जागूं तो लेन देन॥

25. जाती वर्ण सब खोय के, भक्ति करे चित लाय। कहै कबीर सतगुरू मिले, आवागमन नशाय॥

26. दुनिया ने धोखे से, चली कुटुम्ब की चाल। तब कुल की क्या लाज है, जब ले धरेंगे मसान॥

27. कुल खोए कुल उबरे, कुल राखे कुल जाय। गुरू कुल भेंटिया, सब कुल गया मिलाय॥

28. पाव पलक की सुधी नहीं, करे काल का साज। काल अचानक मारसी, ज्यों तीतर को बाज॥

29. क्या किया हमने आकर, कहॉं को हम जाँए। इधर के रहे ना उधर के, चले मूल गंवाँए॥

30. रात गँवाई सोकर, दिन गँवाया खाय। हीरा जन्म अमूल्य है, कौड़ी बदले जाय॥

31. कहता हूँ कहते जाता हूँ, कहूँ बजाए ढोल। श्वास खाली जाती है, जिसका तीन लोक का मोल॥

32. भगती बिगाड़ी कामी ने, इन्द्रियों के स्वाद। हीरा खोया हाथ से, जन्म गँवाए बाद॥

33. यह तन विष की बेल है, गुरू अमृत की खान। शीष देकर जो गुरू मिले, तो भी सस्ता जान॥

34. यह बाजी तो फिर नहीं, मन में देख विचार। आया इसे जीतने को, जन्म जुआँ मत हार॥

35. तीन लोक चोरी भये, सबका धन हर लीन। बिना सीस के चोर ने, पड़ा किसी को चिन्ह॥

36. सीखें तो बहुत सुनी, मिटा मन का मोह। पारस तक पहुँचा नहीं, रहा लोह का लोह॥

37. जितनी लहरें समुद्र की, उतनी मन की दौड़। सहज ही हीरा पाइये, जो मन लागे एक ठौर॥

38. समुद्र नहीं सीप बिना, स्वाती बूँद भी नहीं। कबीर मोती बन गया, जो शून्य की बूंद गह गाँठी॥

39. हंसा बगुला एक सा दिखे, मानसरोवर मांही। हंसा तो मोती चुगै, बगुला मछली खाहीं॥

40. कबीर लहरें समुद्र की, मोती बिखरे आय। बगुला पहचाने नहीं, हंसा चुगी चुगी खाय॥

41. कबीरा गंदे नाले का, पानी पीये नहीं कोय। जाकर मिले जब गंगा में, तो गंगाजल होय॥

42. करता था तो क्यों करता रहा? अब करी क्यों पछिताय। बोया पेड़ बबूल का, आम कहॉं से खाय॥

43. कस्तूरी कुन्डल बसै, मृग ढूँढे वन मॉंही। एसे घट घट राम हैं, दुनिया देखे नाहीं॥

44. कबीरा मन ही गयन्द है, अंकुश दे दे राखुं। विष की बेली परीहरि, अमृत का फल चाखूं॥

45. कबीरा आप ठगाइये, और ठगीये कोय। आप ठगे सुख उपजे, और ठगे दुख होय॥

46. जो तुझे कांटे बोये, उसको बोय तु फूल। तुझको फूल ही फूल है, उसको है त्रिशूल॥

47. नैनन में जहाँ पूतली, मालीक प्रगटे उस मॉंही। भीतर लोग झांकही, बाहर ढूंढत जाहीं॥

48. जहां आपा तहां आपदा, जहां संशय तहां रोग। कह कबीर वह क्यों दिखे, चारों बाधक रोग॥

49. झूठे सुख को सुख कहे, मानत है मन मौज। जगत चबेना काल का, कुछ मुख में कुछ गोद॥

50. तन को जोगी सब करे, मन को बिरला कोय। सहज में सब ही पाइये, जो मन जोगी होय॥

Essence of Life

सतगुरू मेरा वानिया, करता कर्म गंवार|

बिन कांटी बिन पालड़े(तराजु),

तौल दिया संसार॥

कहे ओशो कहे चेला, सब चला चली का खेला॥

(जो भी बदल रहा हैचल रहा हैवह सिर्फ नाटक (play –खेल) का हिस्सा है, जो भी बदलरहा है उसे गंभीरता से मत लो, (जिसने ठहरकर देखा, उसी ने ये जाना) मन को कुछ सेकंड रोज ठहराकर खुद जानने का प्रयत्न करते रहो इस चला चली को और इसे गंभीरता से लो.

इस मन के ठहराने को गंभीरता से लो क्योंकि वह जो ठहरा हुआ है वह ठहरकर ही जाना जा सकता है, उसी पर सारे बदलाव नोटीस और स्टोर किये जा सकते है, वह तुम हो और उसका ना जन्म हुआ ना मृत्यु होगी वह सिर्फ एक रोल करने स्टेज पर आया है और खत्म होने पर स्टेज छोड़ देना है, जो तुम्हारा शरीर है और जो तुम कर रहे हो या तुम्हें करने का मौका मिला है, वही तुम्हारा रोल है. सिर्फ डायलाग भी तुम्हारे ही होंगें open mike की तरह, और उनका परीणाम भी तुम्हीं


यह पूरी धरती या वृहद कॉसमास ही एक स्टेज है और अनंत काल से अनंत काल का यह नाटक है जिसमें किरदार जन्म लेकर अंत तक रोल ही करते रहते हैं, इसलिए उन्हें वह हकीकत लगता है। पूरी कायनात इसमें रोल अदा कर रही है। इसलिए इसको जैसा है वैसा ही समझ लेना जीवन की सबसे महत्वपूर्ण घटना है और इसका वर्णन भी नहीं किया जा सकता बसजैसा है वैसाकहा है जिसने कहा. बुद्ध ने चुप रहना पसंद किया और कहा तो इतना कि मेरे बताए अनुसार करके खुद देख लो जीसस नेभगवान का राज्य तुमको मिला ही हुआ है, उत्तराधिकार के रूप मेंबस जान जाओ कि तुम कौन होकहकर मोटीवेट किया। तो नानक हुकमी कहकर गीत गाते रहे।

कुछ लोग रोल को सीरीयसली ले लेते हैं और अपने आपको वही समझने लगते हैं जो उनका प्रोफेशन/पोस्ट/जाती/धर्म/देश…. सारे प्याज के छिलके होकर भी वह नहीं हो पाते जो हैं ही, बस जानना ही काफी है लेकिन उस दिशा की तरफ जाने से ही कतराते हैं।

अपने आप से छुपा छुपी खेलते हैं और हर बार गलत को ढूंढ लेते हैं या दाम ही देते रहते हैं। एसे में कच्ची हंडी वाले के मजे रहते हैं, बस नाम को छोड़कर।

Kabir te Ching – Introduction part 1.

When Kabir talks about King in his ‘doha’ or verses it is same as Laozi talks about King in his book ‘Tao te Ching’. Both are referring to that natural state of every human being which was enjoyed in childhood but lost during adolescent a age. Very purpose of every human being is to regain that state.

Comparing that state of human being with Lion of a forest Kabir says:

सिंह अकेला वन फिरै, पलक पलक करे दौर।

Sinh akela van feere palak palak kare daur|

जैसा वन है आपना, तैसा वन है और।।

Jaisa van hai aapna, taisa van hai aur||

Natural state of human being, when regained, is like a Lion-the king of a forest- keeps moving in its territory keeping eyes on everything at every blink of eyes. An enlightened person too keeps eyes on everyone and everything. The difference is that he now understand that just like his body is being energised by the Tao all other people or things too are energised by the Tao. So his eyes are set to see Tao behind everything or everyone at each blink of eyes.

Kabir said:

चाह गई चिंता गई, मनवा बेपरवाह।

Chaah gayi chinta gayi, manva beparwah|

जिसको कुछ नहीं चाहीये, वो ही शहंशाह।।

Jisko kuchh nahin chahiye, vo hi shahanshan||

The state in which Kabir is living, is natural state of all human being too, is described here by Kabir. My desires and worries got evaporated on ‘seeing’ my ‘self’ or ‘Tao’ or ‘God/Truth’ etc, and i became careless.

As soon as Kabir realised that God/Truth/Emptiness or Tao is already taking care of everyone and everything in a perfectly harmonious way each moment. His worries and desires vanishes immediately. It happens! it is effortless effort Wu-Wei. Anyone trying to go beyond or overcome is going to fail!

Only the one who does not want anything is real King.

It means the one who has experienced Tao, get dissolved with it like sugar in water, and Tao is real King of Cosmos or Existence so the one who experiences it too becomes King too.

Lao Tzu has written his verses in ‘Tao te Ching’ describing about this state of every human being as King. So it is for everyone to help in reclaiming the lost grounds in childhood.

Why only Kabir? The answer is that Kabir said:

सब काहू का लीजिए, साँचा शब्द निहार।

Sab kahu ka lijiye, sancha shabd nihar|

पक्षपात ना कीजिए, कहे कबीर विचार।।

Pakshapaat na kijiye, kahe Kabir vichar||

Kabir said that truth needs to be learned from all religions or of all the previous mystics. Followers of a religion must keep their mind open for accepting truth of other religions too without prejudice.

Kabir not only said but walked the talk by mentioning Jesus, Buddha /Mahavir etc as below:

जेते तारे रैणी के, तेते बैरी मुझ्झ।

Jete taare rainy ke, tere bairy mujjh|

धड़ सूली सिर कंगूरे, तउ बिसरे तुझ्झ।।

Dhad suli sir kangoore, tau na bisare tujjh||

There are enemies equal to the counting of stars in the sky, and his below head part was nailed on cross below horizontal while head nailed to the upright part above it, still a follower of truth, Jesus, never forgot God for a moment.

Imagine just a prick of pointed thing on your body and you forget even the work at hand!

Kabir also said:

कबीर कठीनाई खरी, सो मिलता हरि नाम।

Kabir kathinayee khari, so milta hari naam|

सूली उपर नर बंधा, गिरूत नाहीं थाम।।

Sooli upar nar bandha, giroot nahin thaam||

Kabir says that it is better to face hardship in search of your own ‘self’ or God, when a person, Jesus, was nailed on cross then God himself has lifted him from there itself and assured that his sacrifice or hardship should not go in vain.

Regarding Buddha and Mahavir he says:

या मन गही जो थिर रहे, गहरी धूनी गाड़ी।

Ya man gahi jo thir rahe, gahari dhooni gadri|

चलती बिरीयाँ उठी चला, हाथी घोड़ा छाँड़ी।।

Chalti biriyan uthi chala,

Haathi ghoda chhandi||

By controlling this mind to an unmoving state or no-mind state, if a person seek deeper within then the one who left his kingdom, in young age , having many Elephants and Horses too able to enter the unmoving and infinite.

A little hint about Tao too was given in this verse by Kabir:

मन मुआ माया मुई, संशय मुआ शरीर।।

Man mua maya mui, sanshay mua sharir|

अविनाशी जो ना मरे तो क्यों मरे कबीर।।

In no-mind state coupled with egoless state all confusions get dissolved or evaporated immediately as you have experienced ‘Tao’ in your life. Kabir says that he is floating on it.

If Tao is eternal then why Kabir, floating on it, is going to die?

Laozi’s ‘Tao te Ching’ is incomplete without Kabir in today’s context. Kabir is able exactly pinpoint ‘acts’ and ‘situation’ when one dives into ‘Tao’ like ‘Aha’ moment in life. So to remain in it more and more very small small steps are precisely defined. Osho’s awareness meditation or all other 112 meditations helps one to choose from the best suited so as to be adopted in daily life and enjoying this material world too to its fullest.

Guru Nanak gave a respectable place to Kabir in his Nanakvaani, duly quoting him. Hence tinge, and tone is from Osho and Guru Nanak.

Kabir’s ‘Saakhi’, in Hindi, meaning ‘someting to learn from given two line poem’.

Kabir’s ‘Saakhi’, in Hindi, meaning ‘someting to learn from given two line poem’.

— Read on aisdhammosanantano.wordpress.com/2019/10/07/kabirs-saakhi-in-hindi-meaning-someting-to-learn-from-given-two-line-poem/

Kabir says that all the four ‘Vedas’ of Hindu contains wisdom of ages for today’s people.

Kabir has written ‘Saakhi’ of two lines in such a way that they contain extract of all these ‘Vedas’ combine. So if these vedas be treated as milk then Kabir’s ‘Saakhi’ are like ‘Butter’.

These Saakhi with meaning in ‘My English’ – as i have little understanding of it, but directly from heart as i feel it right, so literal meaning be not taken but the essence out of it, which is flowing through words be grasped or tried.

Comments on it will clear the doubt to some extent. Writing what is experienced is already impossible but Kabir tried, so i should too try at least.



Kabir says that all the four ‘Vedas’ of Hindu contains wisdom of ages for today’s people.

Kabir has written ‘Saakhi’ of two lines in such a way that they contain extract of all these ‘Vedas’ combine. So if these vedas be treated as milk then Kabir’s ‘Saakhi’ are like ‘Butter’.

Be a watcher.

Witnessing is very powerful when the witnesser is lost. Whenever the no-mind or ego less state happens to coincide with witnessing – one may get a glimpse of inside ‘truth’ that liberates, then you are no more same person.
Kabir said that when outside and inside becomes one, then only you have achieved destiny as human being.
We know about the outside only. Inside is not even felt by many! How can one meet to whom you do not know? Only the inside can find you, there is no other way this is why it is beyond our control. Even if inside wishes to meet you in present moment, then you must be looking at it too, to be able to meet.

Osho advices to become watcher.

No-mind state makes you available in present moment, and witnessing lets you see yourself so that anything coming out can see you ‘watching’ at it. Simple.

Fear: Only wise can dare to check depth of water by feet.

If you fear something it means you do not know ‘Who you are?’.
Fear is always due to unknown, unexperienced or imaginary but well set as truth.
Now neither you know ‘Who you are?’ nor you know about that something you fear.
So there are two unknown, you are the reason for both too.
If you meditate a little, search inside to know ‘Who am i?’ by removing all layers like name, education, colour etc you gathered (came to know from others about you!) since birth then you will be able to know your ‘Original face’, said Lalon Fakhir of Bangladesh now its followers called as Baul – wandering musician singing song to people about knowing their ‘original face’ and respect nature as dutis of every human being.

Once you know any one of two – Yourself or Fear then just by knowing or understanding fear will vanish. Knowing fear is difficult because you can go on making new fear.
Once you have known your’self’ then fear will vanish altogether forever.
This is why ‘you are giving power’ to both by not knowing yourself, the more you postpone your inside journey, the more power fear have over you.

To know about meditation in busy life:

Awareness meditation

A wise person will be patient as well as consistent enough to wait for the favourable season to come for long time without loosing enthusiasm.

In Zen they say ‘Sit silently doing nothing, when season comes, the grass grows by itself green.’

By practicing meditation in daily life fear can vanish one day automatically, because fear is due to ‘presence of two’ in life. Happiness and sadness, win or loose etc etc.

This quantum jump or transformation in your inner being is described by saints of India as ‘गहरे पानी पैठ’ going deep inside water where both the shores meet and become one!

This is measuring deep water by standing at the bank! Fear vanishes immediately, because you have known your’self’. Now every time you need not have to prepare yourself against new fear as you age.

Only wise can do it, wisdom is what he get.

Zen in real life.

African Proverb

It is amazing that what Zen philosophy says in one way, the spiritual way, this african proverb says in material sense-more practical to understand Zen.

Zen people says that just sit silently, doing nothing, season comes and the grass grows itself green!

What worked well in a situation, shallow water, same may not work again if situations are changed, deep water.

Sometimes just leaving things for right time to come to do a job is good decision.

In extreme summer one can measure it using same technique!

Spiritual meaning: in material life much is easily achieved as everyone is living same life.

In spiritual journey a little growth happens when the time is right but it turns out to be quantum leap – like measuring depth of deep water with foot- just you need to keep practicing till then.

One quarter of what you eat keeps you alive.

Three quarter of what you eat keeps your doctor alive- African proverb.

Food of mind is thought. Food of ego is power. Food of greed is money.

One quarter means the lesser the better, three quarter for doctor means working for others by loosing opportunity of enjoying human life by living simple life, enjoying your work as that will lead you to your inner beauty, kingdom of God.

Saint Kabir,India, said that path to be born as human being since beginning is very zig-zag till human being- like an ant moving in search of food from one corner of a room to another (means already we have travelled too much length to cover small distance because of lack of consciousness. Now only one quarter of a mile’s (cm in case of ant example) straight path is left but illusion of this world is so strong that no one can escape from it, if not taken proper precaution while eating, earning, living etc.

So three quarter of mile is already covered after taking birth as a human being and you have enjoyed all these already and now do not get indulged in it again. Focus on remaining one fourth by eating everything one fourth, as only at beginning point this illusion can be controlled.

DaTa and MiNd

The Kingdom of God or Tao or Consciousness or Soul is like Data for a mobile phone.

If you exist then the whole world around you exists too. The seed of your existence of world around lies in a person’s mind, and so every person defines the world around him differently, may be they all are living in very similar locality, religion and country.

The greatest gift of God to human being is that he can enter into eternity, timelessness and soul – called as Home by Indian sages/mystics – without leaving this body.

Once a person gets a glimpse of it, immediately he comes to know that it is same for all. It is the subtle driving force behind everything.

It can be explained to new generation as Digits/Data.

The mobile phones, computers etc runs on it. A mobile phone cannot experience it while it has a processor called ‘Mind’ of the mobile. Even if some mobiles have same types of mind every person uses it differently- creating a world of its own out of it.

Mind of processor is made by human being so it does not have ability to transcend from itself using it, like A human mind can.

Imagine if a mobile’s mind has ability to transcend then it can see or become the Digit/Data. On experiencing Data/digits for first time, immediately it will notice that no other mobile is different! The soul of every mobile is same as that of every human being. Only the physical appearance and use differs!

All runs on binary digit 0 and 1, complimentary numbers, in harmony to create everything available on it, in action.

When that mobile, which has seen the data/digits, informs other mobiles about their soul and uses contradictory words, because they do not understand numbers 0 or 1, then the mobiles are bound to get confused.

How can opposite in harmony or in a well defined manner are making all of us run? and we are actually not doing anything! We are not the doer actually and things are done through us! The programmer has written whole programme already! We are just tool! And if we keep doing without attachment we cam also see the data!

Celebrate! That you are being used by the maker of Data/digit and body. There were millions before you and they are of no use at all now, and one day you also will be sent to that garbage bin. Do not feel proud because there will be millions after you too, and they will break all your set records! So do not run behind records, just do your work with totality.

Getting a glimpse of Data is like ‘becoming a lamp’ or ‘Satori’ or enlightenment and then ‘Nirvaana’ or ‘Awakening’ means remaining 24×7 in form of Data/Binary Digit leaving the body/mobile as well as master both.

Then by remaining in Data/Digit form you never become outdated and can meet and play with all previous Data/Digit in that eternal freedom of emptiness of infinite size.

Osho and many mystics said that after getting a glimpse of your soul/self/consciousness, the feeling that everything is mine as i know the secret behind all these makes it a King. With this experience it enters into the Kingdom of God or Soul or Tao or Consciousness.

Alas but for mobile phone but for human being it is possible because our mind is gifted with such capability by God himself so that with the help of it one cam go beyong it too in no-mind state.

Actually Data is natural state of every human being. It is the mind that creates illusion to him as he is a mobile. So all the different catagory gets created automatically and politics begins. This politics lead to honor, money and muscle power. So a whole illusionry world came into existence in which natural state seems to be illusion and illusion becomes real.

Without experiencing no-mind state it is not possible to understand.

Meditation to bring no-mind state coupled with total awareness in any moment may bring that experience possible for everyone-said Osho, and it is still being experienced by many of his formal/informal desciples.

Once you get a glimpse or satori or enlightenment before Nirvaana/Awakening/Tao then again the nature comes you your help to remind you to remain in present moment more and more.

Heart Sutra by Buddha/Osho is about this journey only.