500 plus ‘Couplets of Kabir’.

I have collected these ‘couplets of Indian Mystic Kabir’ from available various sources available in PDF form on internet. Specially these are from ‘Kabir Amritwani vol 1-13, by Debashish Dasgupta in mp3 format. Couplets from Kabir Dohawali and Kabir Grinthawali are oldest and most reliable sources of Kabir’s Couplets are also included. Common among all … Continue reading 500 plus ‘Couplets of Kabir’.

You plus God is majority.

How it is possible that we know this very well, still there is fear in our life? In my opinion and it is based on my experience that whenever we feel fear, our mind is at work. So actually the fear exist in our mind! It is tendency of our mind to fluctuate between two … Continue reading You plus God is majority.