Sex is the seed, Love is the flower and Compassion is the fragrance. : Osho

One need to understand what is meant by :

Sex, that becomes ‘the seed’

Love, that becomes ‘the flower’, and

Compassion, that becomes ‘the fragrance’, of one’s journey towards knowing the self or consciousness or answer of ‘Who am i?’ and knowing it means ‘entering the kingdom of God’ for Christians or Krishna/Buddha consciousness for Hindus/Buddhists etc etc.

Each word of great masters is worth a lot lot weight behind it. So one’a inability to understand it may result in understanding wrong message.

Sex is lowest form of Love, it is passion or love limited to the body. Still it has a glimpse of beyond body experience at orgasm. If both persons engage with totality and to give other the best one can give using whole body arousal then either both will reach to their orgasm together or it may last upto 20+ minutes or both can happen simultaneously. Then one can, for first time, experience of beyond body or being. For a moment mind and body vanishes and pure bliss remains. In bodily love if it is not experienced in whole life even once, then passion overpowers to make life a hell. This is Tantra developed by Tilopa, Milarepa etc in Tibet.

It is called seed because only with this total orgasm experience begins the journey of Tantra meditation, which is best way for liberation in today’s time as per Osho.

Next level of Love is of mind. That is described here too as love. When a person finds himself or herself at peace in presence of another person or at a place like temple/Church etc. It is called flower of the journey because it lasts for much longer duration to embrace its beauty. It takes one deeper into his/her heart. Here if attachment or possessiveness overpowers then it may become a prison. This is why Osho preferred that both partners need to give full freedom to each other. In many cases these experiences may require different partners.

This level of Love is love of souls. Here both gets dissolved to become one, soul itself-since it is same for everyone/everything. Only soul remains and ‘seen’ by both in the moment. Osho experienced it at the age of 9 yrs with Shabhu Babu Dubey-as per Swarnim bachpan, his book. Here still need of other is there so one need to take one more step.

This experience brings one beyond passion and attachment into compassion and then without any other’s help one is able to ‘see’ his/her self or soul or consciousness or existence or emptiness for first time. Now no one can take it away from you, not even body’s your death. Effortlessly it happens and called as Wu-Wei-Wu in China/Taoism or ‘Satori’ in Japanese Zen. It spreads in your whole body immediately and you are no more the same person. Now onwards everyone or everything that comes in contact with you gets benefitted by it automatically and even you cannot stop it – just like fragrance of a flower. Whole existence will get benefitted by it, may be felt locally only.

Then there is still another step called as ‘the fourth’ or ‘turiya’ or ‘surati’. Here one attains a state of effortless compassion 24×7 and sound of Omkar starts ringing itself into body for 24×7.

How people are being mislead?

ANI Report card: Fail

Above linked word press blog is worth reading to know in detail about people of India utilising all possible resources individually and utilising them creatively to bring to notice of all truth behind acts of atrocities.

Learning from Patterns of life for self realisation.

A very useful article is here shared for greater understanding on path of self realisation. Below is a link to FaceBook post.

The nature of our patterns

By Christina reeves.

For developing awareness the meditation that helped me most is as below.Osho’s awareness meditation

Every human being is destined to go beyond these patterns but the way is through it only. Awareness meditation helps to not only understand these patterns but to go beyond them i e Tao, Jesus consciousness or Buddha consciousness or Krishna consciousness etc.

सांख्य योग- स्वधर्म कि यात्रा

Martial art at

जब कोई बच्चा पैदा होता है तब मनुष्य के रूप में अस्तित्व का पदार्पण होता है। बच्चा शुद्ध अस्तित्व रूप लिए होता है, रस रूप होता है। इसे बाउल गायकों नेआधार मानुषकहकर गीत लिखे हैं। धीरे धीरे बच्चा अपने शरीर से परिचित होता है। जिसे हम कहें कि जो रस है उसे पता चलता है कि रस के अलावा कुछ ठोस भी है जैसे रसगुल्ले का रस में डुबा होना लेकिन अभी सिर्फ गुल्ले से परिचय होता है। बचपन बीतते बीतते गुल्ले का संबंध रस से टूटकर, रस में डूबा हुआ नहीं समझते हुए से हटकर, स्वयं को रस युक्त गुल्ला, अर्थात् रसगुल्ला समझने लगता है। यहीं अहंकार का जन्म होता है, जब गुल्ला रस कि खासियत के अपनी खासियत समझने लगता है। अपने शरीर पर आरोपित कर लेता है।

संसार का जीवन जीते जीते, यदि मेडिटेशन या ध्यान से परिचय होकर कुछ मिनट इसका प्रयोग जारी रखा तो हि जीवन में जब सहारे छूट जाते हैं और जीवन में कोई सार नहीं दिखाई देता, तब व्यक्ति सन्यास लेकर आध्यात्मिक मार्ग पर चल अपने जीवन को सार्थक बना सकता है।

आंतरिक यात्रा का पहला पड़ाव ही उस गुल्ले द्वारा रस को गुल्ले कि विशेषता समझने के कारण जन्में अहंकार को समझकर वापस शून्य हो जाने देना है। करना नहीं है, नहीं तो वह मौजूद है और बारीक रूप में, प्रयत्न करना भी आखिर कौन कर रहा है? के रूप में अहंकार ही है।

गुल्ला हो जाना है वापस, कि रस मेरा नहीं ईश्वर का है, मेरे माध्यम से प्रकट हो रहा है बस।यहां से आतर्यात्रा शुरू हुई समझो। ऐसा उन्होंने कहा जिन्होंने जाना। यह तभी आसान हो सकेगा जब सांसारिक जीवन में ध्यान का प्रयोग करते रहे, चाहे रूक रूक कर ही सही। ज्ञान कि प्राप्ति के लिए सभी उपलब्ध अवसरों का उपयोग करते रहे। और धार्मिक कट्टरता से दूर रहे। धर्म का उपयोग यदि धन कि प्राप्ति के लिए किया जा रहा है तो कट्टरता से बचने का उपाय मुश्किल होगा।

आंतरिक यात्रा यानी स्वधर्म और परिवार के कारण आरोपित धर्म में चुनाव स्पष्ट हो तभी यह संभव होगा। पारिवारिक धर्म कि अपनी उपयोगिता है, वह भी जरूरी है। लेकिन जब उसमें स्वार्थ निहित हो जाता है तो स्वधर्म यात्रा मात्र दिखावा बन जाती है। और यह स्वयं को धोखा देने समान है इसलिए ज्ञानीयों ने इस अवस्था को अज्ञानीयों से निम्नतर माना है। क्योंकि खुद को धोखे से बाहर करने का कोई उपाय ही नहीं है।

बाक़ी की यात्रा में सिर्फ एक कदम काफी है, और वह भी उठाना नहीं पड़ता बस वहीं के वहीं स्थिति रूपांतरण होना है, कि मैं गुल्ला नहीं हूं बल्कि रस ही हूं। रस ही गुल्ला बना हुआ है यह निश्चय पूर्वक याद आने से काम हो जाता है। यह सांख्य योग कि यात्रा कहलाती है, स्वयं को जानने कि, स्वधर्म कि, धर्म कि यात्राओं में।

जब ओशो से कोई बात करता है तो उसे ओशो में भी अपनी तरह के, कुछ विशेष रसगुल्ले ही नजरआ रहे हैं। और ओशो को उसका रसरूप पहले दिखाई देता है, बाद में रसगुल्ला जो वह हैजैसाकि वह अपने हाव भाव, आचरण और प्रश्न आदि से जाहिर कर रहा होता है निरंतरदिखाई देताहै। तो उसको उत्तर उसकी संभावनाओं, ग्रहणशीलता के आधार पर इस प्रकार का दिया जाता हैकि वह रसरूप होने कि यात्रा पर अगला कदम उठा सके।

ओशो में दोनों एक साथ उपस्थित हैंजलती हुई माचिस कि तीली भी और उसका प्रतिबिंबजैसातुमको दिखाई दे रहा हो वैसाभी

तुमको वह एक से दुसरे रूप, तुम्हारे स्वरूप, कि तरफ जाते देखते हैं तो जरूरी ज्ञान को उपदेश केमाध्यम से देते हैं।

Chuang Tzu said ‘A perfect man is like an empty boat.’

As per my experience, when we enter the world, study, job, raising family and achieving success in material life is like taking boat from one end to another.

Then dumping all success, knowledge and experience, that had helped only in consolidating our ego, on that shore itself and again with empty boat begin journey towards HOME gathering spiritual knowledge, practically applying them and gaining real wealth of wisdom.

My suggestion is: while taking boat from this end to the other end just keep an eye on this shore too by regular meditation – i preferred awareness and Zen from Osho’s 112 meditations. This is enough and you will come back on your own. There is no need of anything or anyone else as it is your very personal journey. If you seek help then there is big market out there for it.

Osho in his hand written letter to Mr Thakur too said something similar.

Sagar University

Noon, 25 July 1956

Dear Thakur,


Was happy to receive your letter. I was worried about you and wanted to know your whereabouts. I had asked Madhu but even Madhu had no idea.

What makes you think that a distance lurks between us? On man’s mental frame, distance does not depend on space lying between two different points on the earth. In other words geographical distance bears no meaning. It actually depends upon the mind and its concern. We can be far distant, yet close; and we can be together, yet not close.

You have written about achieving success and attaining your goal. If hope and an incessant effort lights one’s path, one need not go anywhere in the search of success. It is like a moth that comes to the flame of effort on its own… Therefore, success should not be the goal, but an untiring effort alone.

Personally, I feel that effort itself is the attainment and unflinching step the goal.

I was sincerely hoping you to come back here after the summer vacation. Now wherever you are, I wish and pray that you can put all your heart and soul in whatever is your goal. In life always, keep an eye towards ‘God’. That will give you light constantly I have informed Madhu and Burman about you.

Your very own,


Hindi manuscript below:

Kabir also said

कबीर बड़ी बादूरी करी, पुस्तक देई बहाई।

बावन आखर सोधी करी, रगे मांमैंचित्त लाई।।

For more on Chuang Tzu’s Empty Boat metaphor.

Human being is the most sophisticated Hologram.

In last stage ie 7th rug of inner ladder, the person realises that whole world around him/her is just illusion (above Hologram with mind and all senses too, with capacity to reproduce!) and it seems to us that we are real due to this mind only, and (stopping of this) mind is also helping to awaken from a dream like state which makes possible to take Holographic body as real!

Hence human being can be best described by any enlightened mystic of today, or past, as Most sophisticated Hologram that can be produced ever- is having capacity to create lower level Holograms using machines or technology.

Whether you are a healing practitioner, Zen follower, artist, Craft person, buddhist, Lemuria partner, Jesus follower or Kabir/Krishna follower meditation helps everyone.

Meditation is the way to stop mind or come to no-mind state that brings this understanding-Said Buddha and all other mystics through different names.

Best meditation that suited me.

Compassion as well as helplessness of a mystic.

As you grow in material world, with experience many idioms and story heard, in younger age, cast a different shade of teachings behind them.
As one grows in spiritual world or inner world the same idiom or quote or story points towards an altogether different meaning and lesson there from.
Jokes by Osho or small stories by Buddha too have different shades of lessons behind them. In a way they act as milestones in your inner journey! At the same time they get further path lighted to make journey a celebration by raising level of confidence.
A story i heard had a different meaning then for me and now its meaning is changed altogether.
The story is about efforts of a person to save lives of fishes that were washed away to shore by waves of high magnitude.
One by one he was throwing them back to the ocean while millions are just living in pain and fear of dying.
Then another person passing by asked him about his futility of efforts in trying to save lives of fishes as there are millions and he has limited time and only one by one he can save. So he suggested that it is better not to put in such great efforts in saving those few, as their percentage is too low as compared to those which you are unable to save even with Herculean efforts at your end, that he was sincerely putting in actually.
He replied that i care about the one which i can save as it means a lot for that fish.
Today i got another meaning of this story :
The people are the fishes living an ordinary life in pain and fear. Our soul, our God, our inner being, our consciousness or our heart is represented by the ocean.
A mystic or Guru or Buddha or Osho or Nanak or Kabir or Rabia or Gurdjief or Zarathustra or Mahavira is the one who try their best to free us from pain and fear. While millions they are unable to save but yes it affects the one who is saved as he is saved for eternity as he enters the infinite ocean of emptiness or Kingdom of God as Jesus said.