Human being is the most sophisticated Hologram.

In last stage ie 7th rug of inner ladder, the person realises that whole world around him/her is just illusion (above Hologram with mind and all senses too, with capacity to reproduce!) and it seems to us that we are real due to this mind only, and (stopping of this) mind is also helping to awaken from a dream like state which makes possible to take Holographic body as real!

Hence human being can be best described by any enlightened mystic of today, or past, as Most sophisticated Hologram that can be produced ever- is having capacity to create lower level Holograms using machines or technology.

Whether you are a healing practitioner, Zen follower, artist, Craft person, buddhist, Lemuria partner, Jesus follower or Kabir/Krishna follower meditation helps everyone.

Meditation is the way to stop mind or come to no-mind state that brings this understanding-Said Buddha and all other mystics through different names.

Best meditation that suited me.

Tao and law of energy.

Only metaphour can be used to explain ‘the logic’ or ‘the law’ or TAO because it is not logic too at the same time because both opposites are present in it-Wu and Wei.

Like human beings.

According to metaphour of mobile as human body, and data its soul. TAO can be defined as ‘THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF ENERGY’’ :

The law says that it cannot be created or destroyed only converted into one form to another form. That law maintains an equilibrium of all hidden energy – in material form – and expressed energy that we use to drive our gadgets etc.

In this mobile metaphour too:

This law is driving force behind all energy source for data/digits in unmanifest form or processor/mobile in manufested form.

It may be the mobile/processor/computer/tower etc as manifested form of that energy (the white part) from materials of the Earth or the digits it will process (non manifested

Part-black part) or Data for mobile both are in existence due to change in form of that infinite energy. You cannot see the law of energy but it is working continuously maintaining the equilibrium in whole cosmos. It is behind every action in mobile/computer/data/digits.

So is every human being as only manifested part of that infinite energy, and what is amazing that by knowing or ‘seeing’ it in non manifested form one can know the law too and immediately get connected to that infinite reservoir of energy.

Once you get connected to it, you become eternal like Lao Tzu. As saints have said who have known it, that :This is very purpose of every human life.

DaTa and MiNd

The Kingdom of God or Tao or Consciousness or Soul is like Data for a mobile phone.

If you exist then the whole world around you exists too. The seed of your existence of world around lies in a person’s mind, and so every person defines the world around him differently, may be they all are living in very similar locality, religion and country.

The greatest gift of God to human being is that he can enter into eternity, timelessness and soul – called as Home by Indian sages/mystics – without leaving this body.

Once a person gets a glimpse of it, immediately he comes to know that it is same for all. It is the subtle driving force behind everything.

It can be explained to new generation as Digits/Data.

The mobile phones, computers etc runs on it. A mobile phone cannot experience it while it has a processor called ‘Mind’ of the mobile. Even if some mobiles have same types of mind every person uses it differently- creating a world of its own out of it.

Mind of processor is made by human being so it does not have ability to transcend from itself using it, like A human mind can.

Imagine if a mobile’s mind has ability to transcend then it can see or become the Digit/Data. On experiencing Data/digits for first time, immediately it will notice that no other mobile is different! The soul of every mobile is same as that of every human being. Only the physical appearance and use differs!

All runs on binary digit 0 and 1, complimentary numbers, in harmony to create everything available on it, in action.

When that mobile, which has seen the data/digits, informs other mobiles about their soul and uses contradictory words, because they do not understand numbers 0 or 1, then the mobiles are bound to get confused.

How can opposite in harmony or in a well defined manner are making all of us run? and we are actually not doing anything! We are not the doer actually and things are done through us! The programmer has written whole programme already! We are just tool! And if we keep doing without attachment we cam also see the data!

Celebrate! That you are being used by the maker of Data/digit and body. There were millions before you and they are of no use at all now, and one day you also will be sent to that garbage bin. Do not feel proud because there will be millions after you too, and they will break all your set records! So do not run behind records, just do your work with totality.

Getting a glimpse of Data is like ‘becoming a lamp’ or ‘Satori’ or enlightenment and then ‘Nirvaana’ or ‘Awakening’ means remaining 24×7 in form of Data/Binary Digit leaving the body/mobile as well as master both.

Then by remaining in Data/Digit form you never become outdated and can meet and play with all previous Data/Digit in that eternal freedom of emptiness of infinite size.

Osho and many mystics said that after getting a glimpse of your soul/self/consciousness, the feeling that everything is mine as i know the secret behind all these makes it a King. With this experience it enters into the Kingdom of God or Soul or Tao or Consciousness.

Alas but for mobile phone but for human being it is possible because our mind is gifted with such capability by God himself so that with the help of it one cam go beyong it too in no-mind state.

Actually Data is natural state of every human being. It is the mind that creates illusion to him as he is a mobile. So all the different catagory gets created automatically and politics begins. This politics lead to honor, money and muscle power. So a whole illusionry world came into existence in which natural state seems to be illusion and illusion becomes real.

Without experiencing no-mind state it is not possible to understand.

Meditation to bring no-mind state coupled with total awareness in any moment may bring that experience possible for everyone-said Osho, and it is still being experienced by many of his formal/informal desciples.

Once you get a glimpse or satori or enlightenment before Nirvaana/Awakening/Tao then again the nature comes you your help to remind you to remain in present moment more and more.

Heart Sutra by Buddha/Osho is about this journey only.