Kabir says that all the four ‘Vedas’ of Hindu contains wisdom of ages for today’s people.

Kabir has written ‘Saakhi’ of two lines in such a way that they contain extract of all these ‘Vedas’ combine. So if these vedas be treated as milk then Kabir’s ‘Saakhi’ are like ‘Butter’.

Zen in real life.

African Proverb

It is amazing that what Zen philosophy says in one way, the spiritual way, this african proverb says in material sense-more practical to understand Zen.

Zen people says that just sit silently, doing nothing, season comes and the grass grows itself green!

What worked well in a situation, shallow water, same may not work again if situations are changed, deep water.

Sometimes just leaving things for right time to come to do a job is good decision.

In extreme summer one can measure it using same technique!

Spiritual meaning: in material life much is easily achieved as everyone is living same life.

In spiritual journey a little growth happens when the time is right but it turns out to be quantum leap – like measuring depth of deep water with foot- just you need to keep practicing till then.

Food and Sex

Credit : African proverb FB

It is astonishing that except human being no animal eats once its hunger is satisfied. Other animals gather around Lion to eat the left overs once its hunger gets satisfied.
It seems human being remains hungry 24 hrs!
This is also strange connection, may be due to food, that only human being has no time/season to enter into sex. Every animal has its time/season.
By controlling food this proverb may be controlling the other strangely connected!

One quarter of what you eat keeps you alive.

Three quarter of what you eat keeps your doctor alive- African proverb.

Food of mind is thought. Food of ego is power. Food of greed is money.

One quarter means the lesser the better, three quarter for doctor means working for others by loosing opportunity of enjoying human life by living simple life, enjoying your work as that will lead you to your inner beauty, kingdom of God.

Saint Kabir,India, said that path to be born as human being since beginning is very zig-zag till human being- like an ant moving in search of food from one corner of a room to another (means already we have travelled too much length to cover small distance because of lack of consciousness. Now only one quarter of a mile’s (cm in case of ant example) straight path is left but illusion of this world is so strong that no one can escape from it, if not taken proper precaution while eating, earning, living etc.

So three quarter of mile is already covered after taking birth as a human being and you have enjoyed all these already and now do not get indulged in it again. Focus on remaining one fourth by eating everything one fourth, as only at beginning point this illusion can be controlled.