How global business should be managed?

How global business should be managed? Lao Tzu in his book Tao te ching, chapter 60, said “Rule a big country as you would fry a small fish…”.

When a small fish is fried then a little less heat and part of it will remain unfird, a little more heat and it is burned. What is true about ruling a big country is true for a big multinational company too. It is true for a human being as well.

Before describing or commenting on this line Osho described at length that life is about discovering or developing a rythem from all the available opposite notes in life. Everyone is bestowed with anger and love, hate and compassion, sex and celibacy, truth and lie, voilence and non voilence, yin and yang.

A good ruler does not discard the bad against the good, but synthesizes them, by removing the tension between them, into a rythem. It is not about suppressing one against the other but a balance, like a poet creates in his poetry from normal looking words.

Now a days all internet based global companies are focussing on customer satisfaction. I think this is the reason. Amazon is even utilising expertise of a costomer for its benefit by asking them to answer the question raised by another customer!

Who knows that even an unsatisfied customer with recent purchase can answer positively about a product he has purchased earlier. This is creating a rythem from available notes that opposite in nature.

when such situation can be attained in day to day life, then Lao Tzu says is good for your soul and Osho described it at length.

Ref:Osho Upanishad Vol 5, talk no.100.mp3 in Hindi. Lao Tzu’s book chapter 60.

Wordpress for wordless.

There are some sages or mystics like Raman Maharshi and Lao Tzu who preferred not to write much and kept their messages in concise form that too by flagging about it as untrue since truth cannot be spoken by word. Wordless expression is the truest expression of their experience. It reached to the person capable enough of catching it and learning from it. In Buddha’s line there are followers of “Heenyan”, mostly in Shri Lanka, who chose this mode of transformation. Transformation by being present and the wordless got communicated to the right receiver.

Becoming a right receiver is a must for learning, whether communication is through word or wordless. A right receiver can be defined as a person who has accepted his body, his all past deeds, his past qualifications, his post or position in society etc as a prerequisite and dumped them in a well and become an empty vessel. This may come due to total surrender automatically. Any questioning in mind or assertion in mind, like conformity/rejection with any scriptures one has studied previously etc, during transfer will hamper the process of transfer of wisdom to the receiver.

There are some sages or mystics who preferred to speak instead or remaining silent. They spoke to arise curiosity among those who are on edge. They answered the questions to teach “How to generate your own answers?” through their approach to answering. Whenever a person chooses words to express wordless then this caution of informing all, who may be listening or reading it, always precedes.

If a person merely sticks to the words expressed here and take it as a truth he may get opposite results. Since it is truth for speaker or writer but it is not his own discovered one. Only own discovered truth, answers are really right truth or right answers because they are expressed without words by existence itself.

This effort of analysing, highlighting, describing works of Osho uses words to express it. So a cautionary intimation is a must that it is not your truth and it is just pointing to some truth for Osho expressed by Osho in his own words for his disciples’ help in search of theirs own. It is a science of experimenting but with limitation that it cannot be transferred only a situation can be created since it is specific for each individual being too. Whenever one begins the gain is same for all irrespective of how much time one devote for it. No one is alone in this research as it is considered that all the past sages and even God is there to support you in this journey or research whatever name may be given to it.

One may draw an inspiration, direction from them and embark upon own journey to attain his/her own truth or answers. Only such own truth is called knowing and it is said that this is the asset that never diminishes by spending or sharing. It is carried forward to another birth i.e. Shubh Laabh or eternal gain. It is this asset which can be acquired by human beings only. It is with this responsibility every human being is given birth by God i.e. with this hope.

Reading and listening helps in opening of mind or develops our understanding. This is the only way by which one reaches to a level of understanding that may lead to the experience that can only happen. Then it is said that the journey begins.

An existential drama played through Osho as hero.

Existence has infinite ways of expressing itself. This planet was, is and will never remain voided by its presence in the form of human being.  Whenever a manifested form of existence realises that he is playing a drama in real life he/she becomes hero/heroine of that story. Here only the main character of drama knows that it is a play and act as if living life of a real human being.

In Hindi ‘Leela’ means a play or drama. Osholeela means the drama played by the existence in which Osho was main hero and only he knows that a role is being played as if it is a real life.

Inverted Mind

Every time we try for peace of mind and all the methods give only temporary relief. Mind gets adjusted with it and again it begins its work to disturb the peace.

While learning from teachings of Buddha, Lao Tzu and their unique mix Zen, the thought of “why at all the God has given us mind?”, And as all other creatures and nature is always in happy mood, “Why we are deprived of this natural happiness?” came to everyone, who is a social and intelligent human being.

Our mind acts as a prism, which breaks down or split the light ray to seven colours called Rainbow. Our mind is a different kind of prism and it breaks down everything that we sense into two. Light and dark, cool and warm, mine and others etc etc.

If ray of light converted into a Rainbow is again allowed to pass through an inverted prism then that inverted prism will again  get combined into a light ray. This is where the Prism and Inverted Prism together act as if there was no prism in the path of the light ray.

This scientific fact is being used to describe my understanding about no-mind state described by Buddha, Lao Tzu and Jesus – as Jesus-consciousness (as per my info from Osho talks).

Ancient Indian sages devised Sheerasana i.e. A  Yoga that requires one to stand inverted on one’s head instead of legs. This Yoga has nothing to do with inversion of mind as one can see everything upside down only.

We have five senses and they are able to sense with the help of its recognition, interpretation etc by the mind. The interpreted information gets converted into personal information due to difference in experiences, vocabulary, knowledge of that person. That is why after hearing a sentence, or when scent is smelled or scene is watched  by many they all interpret its meaning or essence quite different from all others.

As per Osho, all these senses have two ends from one end we are able to see outside to inside and there it has to pass through the mind. Another end which is inside is also able to see/hear/smell/taste/touch from inside to outside. All unexplained experiences are from inside to outside use of senses but the moment passes through so fast that we remained in a state of awe, and it passes.

This is Inverted mind in use and if one is able to join his/her mind and no-mind together then he/she is able to see through the existence. This is where eternal Peace of Mind is achieved. God and his creation both at the same time but then the seer of the scene is lost – as per Osho. By practice it happens.

To know about Osho’s NAV Sannyas or neo sannyas, a way of life to live by fulfilling all personal and societal obligations while retaining oneself as pure for spiritual progress whenever free time available in life. Then focussing fully on self awareness when free from all responsibilities or by taking decision and be free from them.


for more about this new way of living life.

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Be like a grass leaf.

Tornado, Tsunami, Cyclone creates large scale destruction. We have seen many such unimaginable situations from pictures of affected area. A ship or boat is hanging on a tree! Cars floating in the sea!

Have anyone seen a picture of grass leaf after the impact of such natural disaster? If it is possible to take a close-up of a grass leaf, I hope it will the picture of feeling more stronger and fresher than before. While all big trees standing tall have suffered extensive irrecoverable damage.

This existence is also like an infinite Tornado, Cyclone or Tsunami, and it is such big that even if we are part of it we cannot imagine our self within it. Like a dry leaf at top of a tornado moving at very slow speed in space. When it settles, in due course of time, and comes in contact with the ground it can feel the tornado or cyclone etc.

If we have a strong ego of being a Doctor or Politician or Leader, being a Rich or Famous or both, or even a great server of society or religious person then it is living like a strong tree. The existence is exceptionally vast or infinite and we are nothing or even not noticeable to it. It is futile to fight with it saying I am this and this or that. It is in the effort to resist the existential cyclone it falls to never get up. It is uprooted!

The grass leaf  surrenders to it. It makes way for the cyclone. Its roots becomes stronger after it. It gains confidence by overcoming it and cleaned of all dust or dirt etc. gathered.


Surrender is the key. Surrender to the existence must be total and unconditional, like a grass leaf, then it is only 100%. It bends or respects by gives way to others thoughts/action/feelings. In our life we are sometimes at top of the cyclone of existence then we cannot even feel it as part of it. When we come down or settles then only we can feel the strong current and its destruction. We are part of it. A part cannot resist the whole. A hand cannot resist the mind. No one is bigger, higher or stronger than the other. We are like different body parts performing their given task to their best to serve the system of human body. No tress is better than the other. No hill is better than the other or even a stone. No river is better than the other. Each is a part of this existence.

While fighting, when an animal withdraws or surrenders against the stronger one, the stronger one accepts it as equal and don’t kill it to prove its supremacy. So is with existence, when you completely accept yourself, your body, your personality and your nothingness in comparison of it. Some human being even dares to fight with it – declaring your ego as being this and that- but in vain.

Surrender is the key to live as human being. Then every cyclone will fill you with more energy and confidence…


Jesus or Buddha or Krishna in every act.

We all know that Judas sold Jesus for 30 silver coins. Had he has not handed over Jesus to people who are searching for him, he could have enlightened many hearts with his love. Jesus is a transformed soul, such soul exists in existence for eternity. And he is available to all of us. He resides in every soul. In every selfless act of goodness or service or compassion by anyone, anywhere in the existence, he immediately becomes part of that soul.

So whenever a person is cheating his soul, that person is actually selling Jesus for some sensory pleasure(s) or silver coin or power or name & fame, just like Judas. SO in every act God is with us, if it is act of goodness then he is being praised, and if it is act of cheating or selling our soul, he is being sold.


How much equality is already given to us by God.

When we see a flower like Rose, our eyes gets struck at the flower itself because it attracts. When we try to pluck it from the rose plant then we came to experience or know that there are thorns too. Because our focus is on flower we could not see the thorns. Rose has a purpose and the thorn has a purpose. The thorn protected it, for you, get eaten away by animals! It is like army for a country so that people can live peacefully.  The same branch gave nutritions to rose and the thorn. The same stem carried the nutrients from roots to the branch. The same roots collected the nutrients from soil and same light and air processed it.

In the same way we are serving different purposes of life as human being. The same local body is serving us. The same state is administrating us. The same country is protecting us. The same light, water, the Earth+Sun or universe and air or space is providing enough resources to every country. Every part has a purpose and a blessing. Blessing for thorn is that no one tries to pluck it, so it is saved from the pain of being plucked from its very source!

As a human being we can understand it by serving people selflessly.