Una perla al giorno – Hazrat Inayat Khan — tavolozza di vita

Lo scopo della vita è come un orizzonte: più avanziamo, più si allontana. Hazrat Inayat Khan

Una perla al giorno – Hazrat Inayat Khan — tavolozza di vita

The purpose of life It is like a horizon: more we advance, the further away. Hazrat Inayat Khan

An artistic expression of quote is hidden in the painting.

Cultivate inner harmony

Human being is gifted with inner harmony.

  • Searching for harmony outside is like hiding face in the sand by Ostrich and thinking that it is safe. A little courage to look within and one can reap greatest reward. A quote in support of my analogy.
  • “God is holding the ideal perfect world in mind in every detail and it is bound to come forth as a heaven or perfect home where all His children, all His creatures, and all His creations may dwell in peace and harmony.
  • This is the perfect world that God saw in the beginning and the one He is thinking into existence right now, and the time of its manifestation lies in our acceptance of it. When we can come to the one place and know that we are all one, one man, and know that we are all members of God’s body as much as one member of our body is a part of the whole body, then we are in, and of, God’s kingdom, heaven here on earth, now.”
  • “To make this manifest, realize that there is nothing material in heaven. All is spiritual. Realize that heaven is a perfect state of consciousness, a perfect world here on earth now, and all we need to do is to accept it. It is here all about us, waiting for us to open the inner eye. Through that eye our bodies shall be made light, the light which is neither of the sun nor moon but of the Father; and the Father is right here in the very innermost part of our being. We must sufficiently realize that there is nothing material, that all is spiritual. Then we must think of that wonderful God-given spiritual world which is right here now if we can realize it.”
  • “Do you not see that God created all in this way? Did not God first become quiet and contemplative and see the light? Then He said, `Let there be light,’ and it was so. In the same way He said, `Let there be a firmament,’ and it was so; and likewise with other creations, He held each form or ideal steadfast in consciousness, then spoke the word, and the ideal was brought forth. Just so with man”
  • (from “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 1” by Baird T. Spalding, Clay Lomakayu)

My reason for celebrating Ester.

It is belated. Hope you like it. This Easter is far more important because i can now realize the resurrection of Jesus as Christ. Like in case with ‘Anand’, an elder brother turned disciple on condition that he will always with Buddha because after becoming his disciple it is difficult to give any order to him.
Buddha accepted with a smile.This he understood only after death of Buddha. When he was kept outside the room where important sermons were about to be written, as Buddha told to his disciples that ‘Anand’ is not enlightened and he will get enlightenment only after his death.Sitting outside the room, ‘Anand’ got enlightened and then he understood the meaning of smile on face of Buddha, that his surrender was conditional so it was not total. He could have got enlightened earlier if there was no condition put forth by him.Actually resurrection is given name because one of the disciple was just on the brink of enlightenment but his surrender was also conditional, may not be unmentioned- so he too betrayed- but at last moment Jesus realized this fact and left his body so that at least one among others can get enlightened. So only the one who really repented on his great mistake, got enlightened. He “Saw” the infinite nothingness encompassing both positive and negative or Yin and Yang in it. Since it is same for all enlightened persons and then they remain for eternity there, so he informed to others that he “saw” Jesus. Only our iris is having a unique pattern, even two faces are similar so body is not unique. Only through eyes it can be “seen”, Which is called Satori in Japan and enlightenment in Hindu scriptures.

One Sufi mystic Amir Khusro said in his famous poem called as “Amir Khosro ki Rubaiiyan”:

Chab tilak sab cheeni re moh se naina milayee ke,

Baat agham keh deeni re moh se naina milayee ke,

Vaikha baat agham ki, kahan sunan ki naahin,

Jo jaane so kahe nahin, jo kahe so jaane nahin.

Khusro is saying that when got met me through eyes, he said that which cannot be said and i lost my identity too as well as his image i formed in my mind that also is lost and he was something unspoken about only can be seen. So the one who is describing about God, has actually not seen it because the one who sees it becomes speechless because there is no one left to feel. With relation to God all feelings are mind game only.

Whatever is emptiness, is form!

NASA took real image of waves created by Supersonic Jet flying in sky

Buddha in his sermon, also known as ‘Prajnaparimita hridayam Sutra’, to his enlightened disciple Sariputra said in second para “Here, O Sariputra, form is emptiness and the very emptiness is form; emptiness does not differ from form, form does not differ from emptiness, whatever is emptiness is form, whatever is form, that is emptiness; the same is true of feelings, perceptions, impulses, and consciousness.”

Osho in his talks on The Heart Sutra further explained that as farther as science will progress it will only move towards spirituality because it is also a kind of science. Here the air around us that we feel as emptiness is behaving as a surface of very high viscosity liquid i.e. form! Science has proved it as true!

So at some other level of altitude its very nature is understood because of speed of supersonic the jet plane. Its nature is same above ground too or even more viscous than at that altitude but because we are moving at very slow speed it is very easy to pass through it without much resistance or we may have become accustomed to such resisting force, so that it doesn’t seems to us as a force at all.

So the reason behind its very visibility is change in plane and speed. This is what is achieved by practicing Mindfulness i.e. ‘Prjnaparimita’ or wisdom of the beyond.

Osho described it somewhere in his talks as the example of cross of Jesus. Normal people go on moving in their life in one plane or lower plane and at slow speed. This can be assumed as horizontal bar of the cross. Here one can move backward and forward i.e. past and future and this movement is so fast when one is at center there is an opportunity to go on higher altitude is continuously missed every time! i.e. happy moments or aha moments, that it is very hard to stay here so the practice of mindfulness makes one to stay in that moment. Even when we are able to stay may be for hours but what is needed is intensity of it that is defined by Ego. If one is there to feel it, then the ego is present in its faintest amount but by practice even if few moments can be achieved to stay in egolessness i.e. no-mind state, then what happens is called Satori in Zen. Now one has entered into the center of the cross from where vertical movement is possible now. Once this stage is achieved it is never lost and no one can steal it from you. This is real wealth and it keeps growing on its own, the more you share the more you get.

From this stage one can leap into last stage and this is the journey of a mystic and a thirst to achieve what the Jesus said as entering into the “The Kingdom of the God” as there will not be any time. One can remain in vertical bar and move higher and higher there is no limit to it. For daily routine one can ‘use’ the Horizontal bar i.e. world of mind but still remain on vertical bar at higher altitude too.

From there at that speed Buddha is saying to Sariputra “the emptiness if form”. Jesus was at that altitude and only one who can reach that altitude can see Jesus too still now. That is what happened to one of the disciples on third day! Because there is no time, as they entered into timelessness in infinite space, so still they all are there available for all of us and helping us.

Wake up call for all engaged in helping others!

It needs a very high level of intelligence which is not common like common sense that a person who has suffered a lot in his /her life is capable of directing his energy towards betterment of other people. Very few sensitive and sincere doctors, social activists and writers on word press are an example of it.

When they are working for others betterment there is a ray of hope for them too. That is to embark upon journey in search of the “self”, the one who suffered a lot and now engaged in others betterment.  It is within and constant this is true because whenever one looks behind one can remember oneself as a child, adult and now fully grown. Only with reference to a constant one can measure. Units of measurements are based on this principle. Still one finds this too that it is always with him/her even in dreams!

There is a story told by first Indian mystic “Ram Tirth”, who visited first time to USA.

A person was informed in his office about a news and hearing that he left his office immediately. Seriousness of the information can be experienced from changes in his face and sudden sweating of his forehead.

When he was just about to leave the exit door the postman handed over to him his much awaited lottery ticket worth a Million dollars, still he has received it and kept it in front pocket by folding carelessly and called a Cab so as to reach early nearest metro station.

When he was about to leave the Cab at station he saw a famous actress he wanted to meet at least once in his lifetime as he was a great fan of her acting, but this time he just passed a glimpse over her and left to Metro station to catch the train.

When he reach his home, firefighters were busy extinguishing the fire but still it is out of control and he checked all family members including parents are there standing outside except his 5 year old son.

He requested firefighters to save him at any cost and prayed to God to pay all the insurance amount from his house and lottery ticket to Government’s relief fund or other social services.

Here the question is that “Why he is himself not trying to bring back his child?”. When he is ready to lose everything for him then to whom he is saving? What is even more important to him than child, money and dreams etc?

It is the “self”.

Another question is that how much time of his life he has devoted to actually find that self?

Most people agree that we spent lot of our time in trying to fulfil our desires and raising our family, while we are ready put up on stake any moment when it comes to saving the “self”!

This search begins with asking question “Who am I?”

Its true answer can only be found by a person who is just born, because after that all that happens is part and parcel of conditioning by the society. That is why Jesus said that only those who are like a child can enter the kingdom of god.

Society or this conditioning is a necessary evil too and useful too. Useful because only a person out of jail can only understand meaning of freedom, while all those roaming around outside are also free, but the joy is missing. So to add joy to your life, this conditioning is necessary but since it is extremely difficult to come out of it naked and see your “Self” as it is, so it is an evil like drug addiction or bad habit.

Before embarking upon a journey in search of this self, some important characteristics of it are worth knowing.

First characteristics of it is invisible. Like God exists everywhere so it needs to be invisible because visibility will limit one to at one place. So is the self it exists in everyone. Only in human being it is available and accessible too.

In animals and tress experiments have proved that there is a faint feeling of self. In them it is available but not accessible. In future scientists may find it in dormant state in materials too.

Second characteristics of is that it is eternal like God because if God is present in one time on our planet then it is difficult to him/her to be available to people of other time or century.

Third characteristics of it is very important to understand. It is accessible to every human being in a very peculiar way. Same as design of our iris, used for identification purpose. Word “Propos” is formed due to this uniqueness and all words derived from it bear the same root meaning like Proposition, Purpose etc.

This peculiarity wrongly imposed on body is the basis of forming Ego.

All through our life we goes on enhancing our ego in a peculiar way but that becomes the very root of all pain, suffering and difficult time of our life. So to find “self” first of all one needs to peel, like peeling of onion, all the layers of ego one has deliberately placed one after another whole through the life.

Greatest obstacle is the knowledge one has gained and pain one has suffered i.e. past.

Those who are on the path of helping others have embarked upon this journey but still remembering it will hamper their journey. Only by dropping one’s past only one can move forward. So the one who is on the path of helping others, it is important to forget about all sufferings etc. Forget all sufferings and pains as it has never happened to you, because you are not body but “Self”, it is due to your mistake that you imposed it on your body, without actually knowing it or say in ignorance. Never ever even inform anyone about it to others.

Once this true “Self” is found you will come to know actually this is the case! It really never happened to your self but to body! All pain or suffering was due to this wrong interpretation of self in our body.

This is not abromal that due to one’s misunderstanding or imaginary perception the result are real. This happens when we take a rope as a snake and run or jump in fear. When we know that actually it was a rope the fear is gone and so is with its memory too.

A call of Sufi mystic

हुए नामवर … बेनिशां कैसे कैसे … ये ज़मीं खा गयी … नौजवान कैसे कैसे …
(और उनके िकये गये कामों को पत्थर पर उकेरने में लगे रहे जबकि उपनिषद पेड़ की छालों पर लिखे भी मौजूद थे जिन पर लिखने वाले ने अपने को सिर्फ माध्यम मानकर लिखा वे भी कोइ वृद्ध तो कोइ जवान थे बस अमर हो गये थे. फर्क इससे पड़ता है कि कौन लिख/बोल रहा है, किस अवस्था में और किस उद्देश्य से न कि किस पर या किस सुर ताल पर)
(बदलाव तभी संभव है जब यह आज समझ में आ जाए- क्योंकि गाने वाले सूफी फकिर कि यह पुकार है आज उसकी मौजूदगी में कुछ घट सकता है यह सुनकर )

आज जवानी पर इतरानेवाले कल

(कल कल करते करते कब मौत सामने खड़ी हो जायगी पता ही नहीं चलेगा जैसे अभी पीछे देखेगा तो पता चलेगा और कल का इस फकीर को भी पता नही)ं

पछतायेगा – ३
चढ़ता सूरज धीरे धीरे ढलता है ढल जायेगा – २ ढल जायेगा ढल जायेगा – २
(जैसे आज इतना सूरज तो चढ़ चुका है और पता ही नहीं चलेगा और यह ढलने लगेगा)

तू यहाँ मुसाफ़िर है ये सराये फ़ानी है चार रोज की मेहमां तेरी ज़िन्दगानी है
ये ज़र ज़मीं ज़ेवर कुछ ना साथ जायेगा
खाली हाथ आया है खाली हाथ जायेगा
जानकर भी अन्जाना बन रहा है दीवाने
अपनी उम्र ए फ़ानी पर तन रहा है दीवाने
किस कदर तू खोया है इस जहान के मेले मे
तु खुदा को भूला है फंसके इस झमेले मे
आज तक ये देखा है पानेवाले खोता है
ज़िन्दगी को जो समझा ज़िन्दगी पे हंसता है
मिटनेवाली दुनिया का ऐतबार करता है (और जो अमिट है उस पर तेरी नजर ही नहीं है)
क्या समझ के तू आखिर इससे प्यार करता है (मिटता हुआ देखकर भी क्यों तुझे तेरे, तेरी संपत्ती ताकत के न मिटने का भरोसा है)
अपनी अपनी फ़िक्रों (अपने बनाये संसार)में जो भी है वो उलझा है – २
ज़िन्दगी हक़ीकत में क्या है कौन समझा है – २
(अपने संसार से बाहर आए तब समझे,लेकिन उसमें वह कई रोल कर रहा है जिसमें वह महत्वपूर्ण रोल अदा कर रहा है, उसके बगैर वहां कुछ भी नहीं हो सकेगा, और जो कुछ समझे वह भी पूरा नहीं समझ सके)
आज समझले …
आज समझले कल ये मौका हाथ न तेरे आयेगा
ओ गफ़लत की नींद में सोनेवाले एक दिन धोखा खायेगा
चढ़ता सूरज धीरे धीरे ढलता है ढल जायेगा – २ ढल जायेगा ढल जायेगा – २

मौत ने ज़माने को ये समा दिखा डाला
कैसे कैसे रुस्तम को खाक में मिला डाला (यहां अहंकार पर चोंट)
याद रख सिकन्दर के हौसले तो आली थे
जब गया था दुनिया से दोनो हाथ खाली थे
अब ना वो हलाकू है और ना उसके साथी हैं
चंगजो न पोरस है और न उसके हाथी हैं
कल जो तनके चलते थे अपनी शान-ओ-शौकत पर
शम्मा तक नही जलती
आज उनकी तुरबत पर
अदना हो या आला हो सबको लौट जाना है – २
मुफ़्लिसों का कलन्दर का कब्र ही ठिकाना है – २
जैसी करनी … जैसी करनी वैसी भरनी आज किया कल पायेगा
(अपने को कर्ता माना तो बंधता जायगा और अपने को माध्यम माना तो मुक्त हो जाएगा)
सर को उठाकर चलनेवाले….
(अहंकार को सच मानने  वाले )
सर को उठाकर चलनेवाले एक दिन ठोकर खायेगा (जब अहं की मौत होगी)
चढ़ता सूरज धीरे धीरे ढलता है ढल जायेगा – २
ढल जायेगा ढल जायेगा – २

मौत सबको आनी है कौन इससे छूटा है
तू फ़ना नही होगा ये खयाल झूठा है
साँस टूटते ही सब रिश्ते टूट जायेंगे बाप माँ बहन बीवी बच्चे छूट जायेंगे
तेरे जितने हैं भाई वक्त का चलन देंगे (यहां मोह और माया पर वार)
छीनकर तेरी दौलत दो ही गज़ कफ़न देंगे
जिनको अपना कहता है कब ये तेरे साथी हैं
कब्र है तेरी मंज़िल और ये बराती हैं
ला के कब्र में तुझको मुरदा पाक डालेंगे
अपने हाथोंसे तेरे मुँह पे खाक डालेंगे
तेरी सारी उल्फ़त को खाक में मिला देंगे
तेरे चाहनेवाले कल तुझे भुला देंगे
इस लिये ये कहता हूँ खूब सोचले दिल में
क्यूँ फंसाये बैठा है जान अपनी मुश्किल में
(कल का क्या भरोसा है
आज बस संभल जायें)
कल से तु कर तौबा आज बस सम्भल जायें – २
दम का क्या भरोसा है जाने कब निकल जाये – २

मुट्ठी बाँध के आनेवाले …
मुट्ठी बाँध के आनेवाले हाथ पसारे जायेगा
धन दौलत जागीर से तूने क्या पाया क्या पायेगा
चढ़ता सूरज धीरे धीरे ढलता है ढल जायेगा

This door was intended only for you

First doorkeeper is Sense/body, second is Mind and third is ego in my opinion. Yes, the door is always open but by being in present and witnessing awareness we make ourselves receptive for his grace and it comes like Sunlight enters when doors are open.

Osho Stories

A doorkeeper stands on guard before the temple of the Law. To this doorkeeper there comes a man who begs for admittance to the Law, but the doorkeeper says that he cannot admit the man at the moment.

The man, on reflection, asks if he will be allowed then to enter later.

‘It is possible,’ answers the doorkeeper, ‘but not at this moment.’

Since the door stands open as usual, the man bends down to peer through the entrance.

The doorkeeper laughs and says, ‘If you are so strongly tempted, try to get in without my permission. But note that I am powerful and I am only the lowest doorkeeper. From hall to hall, keepers stand at every door, each one more powerful than the other. Even the third of these has an aspect that even I cannot bear to look at.’

The man is given a stool and permitted…

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