After transformation what is left?

There are two types of human transformation from human being to being human. As per Patanjali one is Sabeej-Samadhi and another is Nirbeej-Samadhi – or transcendence with seed.  A type of Sabeej-Samadhi or transcendence with seed of original human being-  happens to exceptional Poets, Musicians – vocal or instrumental, Artists, Players, Dancers etc. They get transformed for some time but during transformation the seed of their ego remains with them and again start living as normal human being after the performance.

Another transformation is Sabeej-Samadhi – or transcendence without keeping seed of original human being. This is true enlightenment and worth striving for. Now the question is -what happens to the body after enlightenment as the person continues to live as human body while his seed or ego is not there?

After Nirbeej-Samadhi transformation first responsibility as living ‘being human’ is to reach out to those, at least, who are at the edge of transformation. This living as ‘being human’ is for the body only and not for the transformed. However transformed will continue to use the body for reaching out to others and convey his teachings to them. Now this body is just like a Robot, always in present. No future and no past exists for it. Hence the body is seen by others is same but its content is changed.  Also it is used as a medium only by the transformed.