You don’t know why you are existing in the first place-Osho

Line ‘ .,,…’ is most powerful according to me.

Its answer, if searched inside, may lead one to ‘real path’ that one never loose.

The answer is already there all around you, just the capacity to ‘see’ it is regained. In childhood everyone has lived it.

It is felt first time, without body touching, in other or other things and get a glimpse of it. Lao Tzu got it while a leaf was dropping and carried away by wind without its permission/will! Such is in nature with everyone including all including human being but realisation is needed.

A lady saint got it while earthen pot filled with water felled from her head and neither water nor pot left for any use, that she was dreaming while carrying, and immediately came out of dream world around.

Then in next step one can get a glimpse of it without anyone’s help!

This is ‘the path’ Osho is talking about, that one never loose and worth travelling.

Lao Tzu called it ‘The way’ or The pathless path.

While we travel on the road we see the road as the way but actually we are 3D objects and moving, in volume, in empty space above it! That ‘invisible way’ but real ‘way/path’ like phenomena happens automatically in any moment or may not happen at all.

Guru Nanak described that emptiness as ‘door’. Usually A room is composed of four walls, a roof, a window and a door. X-Ray can pass through walls easily, and we can pass through the emptiness created for door. So solid may not be solid and emptiness can be a barrier. It means what is seen as emptiness/invisible/air is not necessarily the case but it exists!

And reverse can also be true that we feel only that we exist but acyially it may not be true. We may be pure emptiness!

According to Guru Nanak guru or master can only lead you to that ‘emptiness’ of foor being visible or felt by you even for a fraction of second. So Guru Dwara of Nanak.

For Gen Z or millenial generation ‘the path’ can be best visualised as ‘Data’. It is there in action or every internet action taking place in it but it is invisible.

To be able to ‘see’/‘feel’ the ‘Data’ even for a fraction of second is what is called ‘Satori’.

Organic unity

Osho said:”The moment you divide organic unity, it dies. You can divide only mechanical entities but not organic ones. You can take a bicycle apart and put it togerger too, and you are not going to loose anything.

But if you take apart any human being’s body parts like a bicycle and put it together again, you will not get the same person you have divided; you will have only the corpse.”

Credit : Osho international foundation, Pune,India.

My understanding on this quote:-

No human being can be labelled as introvert or extrovert, schizophrenic etc etc. Every human being has both types, only one can surface at a time, as per the need and requirements of the situation. Evert male is complimented by a female inside, and every female is complimented by a male inside.

Whole cosmos is in mood of celebrations every moment. Two in contineous harmony becoming one is called organic. When body is divided the harmony gets lost, but bicycle is one only so again becomes one. It is described as lord Krishana playing ‘raas’ or ‘garba’ – dance by striking sticks with others while moving in circle-with 16,000 Gopiyan-female charachters in true love with lord Krishna. Scientists at International Space Station are able to look at this celebration going on the Earth when every 5-6 minutes rays of the Sun touches or leaves a place to begin or end the day at dawn and birds starts chirping, flowers begins to flower spreading their scent etc. This dawn period lasts about 5-6 minutes so 16000×5.4=86400 minutes in a day! From ISS they can see it happening every moment and record it too. Our own harmony is no different from that of the Earth or Cosmos, but we fail to remember it once lost during adolecent period after childhood. Everyone has lived in it as a child but during period of understanding body, senses and mind and to make a living it gets lost only. Meditation helps to regain the lost grounds only. You are no different from that cosmic organic unity, being the most important part of it too-as only human being is able to have it, loose it and again recover it. This recovering is called as ‘Entering the kingdom of God again after being expelled from it as Adam or Eve’- by Jesus. Blogsite for more.

Recovering happens on its own. The moment you recover, even thought of loosing it seems you as impossible then and even you try to loose-you will not be successful. It is available every moment to you! Just like you lost keys of your home and searching despatatrly or looking for misplaced specs and it is just on you or your head!

Saint Kabir said that those who depend upon others will sure not get it, but it may help to begin the journey inside.

Slowly slowly bring awareness, while doing it, small routine jobs. Saint Kabir also said that such person, gold jewellery can get repair from any damage but not the earthen/china clay pot without leaving a mark.

Keep trying as it is only that we can do and keep praying too, to your religious God or Osho like mentors. As invible body theirs only job is to help such people.

Also whatever you gained in this life will be with you forever and cannot be lost even due to death. So this is only worth travelling journey. Keep it up, i too will pray for you and my blessings be with you too.

Inner journey is nothing but finding that complimentary part within. It may require help from that complimentary part outside in physical form. So both are created and will remain in harmony forever.

Totality is the key to ‘see’ the truth-that liberates.

Like a movie,
our life begins with a blank screen but with a suspense too.

Then your role, characteristics and stage is prepared till adolescent age,

You live that role with or without learning, unlearning and relearning with a suspense.

The suspense of the movie is that any moment the screen will go blank! For any one character as its role is over or for all together!

Spirirualiry is recognising the life as a movie while playing our role in the movie as well. It is how you play your role I.e totality of your being involved in it that defines or decides it.

Spirituality prepares you to be ready to come out of it any moment and see the changes in scenes from outside the theatre during your life here and realise that it was a dream. Nighter you are the doer nor anything is done unto you. You are the emptiness of the screen on which all these are projected from outside or mind-body combination or ego etc.

Compassion as well as helplessness of a mystic.

As you grow in material world, with experience many idioms and story heard, in younger age, cast a different shade of teachings behind them.
As one grows in spiritual world or inner world the same idiom or quote or story points towards an altogether different meaning and lesson there from.
Jokes by Osho or small stories by Buddha too have different shades of lessons behind them. In a way they act as milestones in your inner journey! At the same time they get further path lighted to make journey a celebration by raising level of confidence.
A story i heard had a different meaning then for me and now its meaning is changed altogether.
The story is about efforts of a person to save lives of fishes that were washed away to shore by waves of high magnitude.
One by one he was throwing them back to the ocean while millions are just living in pain and fear of dying.
Then another person passing by asked him about his futility of efforts in trying to save lives of fishes as there are millions and he has limited time and only one by one he can save. So he suggested that it is better not to put in such great efforts in saving those few, as their percentage is too low as compared to those which you are unable to save even with Herculean efforts at your end, that he was sincerely putting in actually.
He replied that i care about the one which i can save as it means a lot for that fish.
Today i got another meaning of this story :
The people are the fishes living an ordinary life in pain and fear. Our soul, our God, our inner being, our consciousness or our heart is represented by the ocean.
A mystic or Guru or Buddha or Osho or Nanak or Kabir or Rabia or Gurdjief or Zarathustra or Mahavira is the one who try their best to free us from pain and fear. While millions they are unable to save but yes it affects the one who is saved as he is saved for eternity as he enters the infinite ocean of emptiness or Kingdom of God as Jesus said.

Brand, integrity and wisdom.

Brand, integrity and wisdom.
If Brand can be defined as ‘doing when no body is watching’, then they all point to the same spark of godliness in people of corporate world. This is a must quality for any person belonging to art and craft industry.

In ancient India such people are called Brahm, means infinite and still expanding. In today’s language it is called Cosmos. The one who has reached or penetrated to the core of it and known the essence of it is called Brahman. Anyone irrespective of cast, creed, colour, country, culture and religion etc can know or ‘see’ this Brahm or cosmos. It’s reflected image in everyone is called as Soul or Heart or Watcher or as Jesus said Kingdom of God itself pointing to the object whose image it is reflecting in everyone. In childhood only watcher is there and mind-body is yet to be discovered and then slowly slowly every child discoveres it and it seems so lucrative, wonderful, miraculous that the one who begun is forgotten altogether. This state is presented as when a man looks at attractive female lady, depicting man as the watcher and woman as this mind-body world. So in Indian sculpture the body proportions, postures and presentation is made to reflect this mind-body world around us only and human being as the Watcher or Soul or Heart that lost its main purpose of life, which is ‘seeing’ the watcher, in discovering mind-body. In India psychology is called ‘darshan’, which means seeing. English word for it is suggested by Osho as Philosia. Only those who is still have faint image of this watcher too present in them can ‘see’ what they are doing and so can restrain themselves from doing anything wrong when no one is watching – here described as quality of a Brand or Integrity. Actually your watcher is watching! Such persons have great potential for inward journey after retirement or whenever they feel free time of 3,5,7,15,30 or 90 days during their professional life. Osho suggested that if this experience or training to go inwards is taken well before retirement then till retirement anyone can grow very fast and may find his watcher or enter the Kingdom of God.

Finding your self – the very purpose of every human being.

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Source: Finding you self: Transference : The make up of our lives.

Inside a soul : a word press blog.

Finding Your Self: Transference – The Make Up of Our lives